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Since 2003, Sotiris has been committed to excellence in the art of hairdressing. He is passionately devoted to providing his customers with the highest level of service.

Specialised in a head-to-toe beauty approach, working backstage for catwalk shows, television commercials and short films, he was inspired to create four of his own styles: casual, classic, glamour and creative.

In 2009, his ideas became reality when founding all about hair, an intimate hair salon, where hairdressing meets your needs.

In 2017, Sotiris founds his new personal hair salon in Volos : Sotiris Bardas Hair Salon.

It's time for your hair                             to meet you.

Your hair frames your face, your personality. It is following every of your movements, every mood you're in. To understand your hairstyle expectations, I have to get into your perception of yourself, your perception of beauty, and honor it by revealing it to the world.

Anthimou Gazi 107, 38333 Volos 

Since april 2017, Sotiris Bardas created his new work space in Volos, a space that allows his unic and very personal creativity with haircut, hair color and hairstyling.

Come and visite us!

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